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Child Arrangement Orders - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

At K&K Solicitors, we understand the sensitivity and complexity of family legal matters. Child Arrangement Orders in particular call for an empathetic and personal approach, while ensuring the best interests of the child are prioritised at all times. Area cover Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Our experienced team will provide you with the kind, caring and understanding support you need throughout your case. From initial advice through to representation in court, K&K Solicitors will do everything to make your case as comfortable as possible.

A Child Arrangement Order is a court order that outlines where a child will live, along with which family members they will spend their time with. They can be granted to one person or multiple guardians, and remain in effect until the child reaches the age of 16.

Along with specifying where the child lives, a Child Arrangement Order prohibits the changing of the child’s surname without all named parties in the agreement providing consent. It also places certain restrictions on taking children out of the UK.

Child Arrangement Orders are sought for a variety of reasons and are drawn up in accordance with the unique circumstances of the case in question. A simple Child Arrangement Order could specify that a child resides for the same amount of time with each parent, following divorce or separation. Details may also be included of alterations to residency during school holidays and whether the child can be taken out of the country temporarily.

For more information on Child Arrangement Orders or to discuss any aspect of family law in more detail, contact the team at K&K Solicitors by calling 01707 244 442 or by clicking here: Contact Us

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