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Co-habitation Disputes - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

In the United Kingdom, cohabitees are not afforded the same rights as married couples. Irrespective of how long the partners have lived together, there is still technically no such thing as ‘common law marriage’ from a legal perspective.  At least, in the sense that spouses are treated completely different to cohabitees by the courts in England and Wales. Area cover Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

In the event of separation, cohabitees will not need to go through traditional divorce proceedings.  However, there may be extensive disputes and disagreements regarding the division of finances and assets. With a married couple, division of assets during divorce proceedings usually begins with an equal 50/50 split. Where separation of a cohabiting couple occurs, each partner maintains ownership of their own assets and wealth.  Something that can lead to challenges, in instances such as those where one partner owns the home the couple lives in, but the other has made major contributions to its upkeep and maintenance.


Even more difficult disputes can occur when a cohabiting couple has children, and a mutually acceptable agreement cannot be reached with regard to guardianship and access. 


Entering into a Cohabitation Agreement while residing with a partner can be a useful option for avoiding such issues in the event of separation. A Cohabitation Agreement is similar in nature to a prenuptial agreement, outlining how assets, wealth and property will be divided between the two partners. With the help and support of an experienced family lawyer, entering into a Cohabitation Agreement can be a straightforward and manageable process.


K&K Solicitors provides expert advice on cohabitation agreements.

A cohabitation agreement is a binding contract between you and your partner. People enter into cohabitation agreements for a variety of reasons, after which the content of the agreement becomes legally binding.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss any aspect of cohabitation disputes or agreements in more detail, contact a member of the team at K&K Solicitors by calling

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